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Online Challenge Quiz

We’ve got a new format for iQ Trivia Online tonight on our Twitch channel at 8pm.

It’s the Challenge Quiz.

We will have one featured team videoconferencing with our host and competing against EVERYONE else.

The idea is they get the questions first, and everyone watching gets the questions on a short delay. But they only get one guess, and a short time to discuss answers before locking in their choice. Everyone watching gets to guess as many times as they like.

If our featured team gets an answer before everyone commenting on Twitch, they get the point. If an answer comes up in the Twitch feed before they lock it in, the points go to everyone else.

So you can literally take on the world (of iQ Trivia fans at least.)

Or you can pop over to Twitch at 8pm and try your best to ruin someone else’s night.

If you want to be our featured team, contact bill@iqtrivia.com.au

We will see you there.

Online Quizzing Schedule

While we’re all shut down, a lot of trivia outfits places are offering their players a shortened quiz once a week. Some are sending out a few questions by e-mail once every few days. Some are doing nothing at all.

We’re doing a quiz every day.

Here’s our schedule. (All times are AEDT unless otherwise indicated.)

Monday – 8pm on Discord

Tuesday – 8pm Challenge Quiz on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/iqtrivia

Wednesday – 8pm on Discord

Thursday – 8pm on Discord

Friday – 8pm on Discord

Saturday – iQ Trivia International (for our fans in North America) 12 noon on Discord (6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 9pm Eastern)

Sunday – Private quiz for donors at 3pm on Discord. If you want to get into this one, send us a donation here: https://donorbox.org/iqtrivia

And if you miss the quiz, we will still leave the content up for you to peruse at your leisure.

Have an interesting week.