8 thoughts on “Interesting Question of the Day – 15 June 2021

  1. I figure the stability increases with base/height ratio so a coffee cup would be more likely to spill of the 2 examples you show. (However things may change after having had a few beers.)

    1. Well to be scientific, they put them in the same kind of container, and concluded that coffee spills easier.

      The foam on beer insulates against some of the sloshing. You can get the a similar effect from ordering a cappucino.

  2. Coffee!

    My thinking being that coffee cups are generally less balanced than beer glasses, and coffee drinkers are more likely to have that hand shaking thing going on, especially for the first one of the day.

    (I am not a coffee drinker, though, so the latter thinking may just be prejudice.)

    1. Naturally, to maintain a degree of scientific rigor, they had a machine do the sloshing.

      It’s coffee that’s more likely to spill, but perhaps a human subject hopped up on caffeine would spill even sooner.

    1. Yep. Coffee sloshes better than beer.

      Of course if you were already drunk, that might change things.

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