2 thoughts on “Interesting Question of the Day – 25 April 2022

  1. I limited the numbers to post 1940 as before that I would consider the data unreliable, and also realise that the same person could have a very high rating at one time and very low at another, so the same person could be on both high and low satisfaction lists. I have also not considered people like McMahon who were only there as an interim while a party elected a new leader.

    For highest rating I would list Menzies; Holt; Whitlam and Hawke.

    For lowest Menzies (if you are in power for that long you are bound to look bad at times) Whitlam; Gorton and Abbott.

    1. Well Newspoll was actually only released in 1985, so that’s going to change things a lot.

      But you did get Hawke on the highest (62% in January 1987). And Abbott on the lowest (24% in February 2015).

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