8 thoughts on “Interesting Question of the Day – 26 Feb 2016

  1. What kind of bubble wrap? How thick is it? Little bubbles or big bubbles? The science of this is hurting my brain…

    *goes back to popping*

      1. But then the height and weight of the person should be taken into account… Plus working out if te added weight of the bubble wrap has an impact… If its taped together… If the person is wholly enclosed, or wrapped like a tube… Let alone if the person actually needs an oxygen tank to ensure they don’t suffocate with all that plastic…

        Why ask such a hard mathematical question on a Friday!! #braindead

        1. Well I could send you the article I consulted, but then that would only be a matter of reading the answer. Where’s the fun in that?

  2. If it was me being in the bubble wrap, I would like about 150 layers.
    If it was for my mother-in-law, I would start with one layer and work my way up…

    1. That’s very close.

      You erred on the side of caution (which in this case is the right side to err on.)

      It’s 39.

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