Interesting Question of the Day – 30 October 2017

What do the following people all have in common?

Mao Tse-tung’s third wife, blues guitarist Hound Dog Taylor, jazz pianist Hampton Hawes, actress Gemma Arterton, mathematic savant Zerah Colburn, cricket legend Gary Sobers, comedian Drew Carey, Hannibal Lecter (but only in the novels), Billy in animated series Adventure Time…

and this guy.

The first new player to comment on the website with the correct answer wins a free drink at their next iQ Trivia show.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Question of the Day – 30 October 2017

    1. Well quite a few of them can.

      Even the guy who killed Inigo Montoya’s father could flip you off with his other hand while preparing to die.

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