Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 12 November 2017

This week we are want your opinions on a variety of topics.

You can give us any opinion you like, with the following restriction.

It’s got to be an unpopular opinion.

Harry Potter is overrated.

Babies are annoying.

I don’t care if you give me Game of Thrones spoilers because I’m never going to watch it.

Instant coffee is better.

Justin Bieber is actually pretty talented.

Yoga is for pretentious assholes.

I don’t care for Beyonce.

Anything that is an unpopular opinion will get you a bonus point.

(By the way, we would prefer you come up with team name that is an unpopular, but still harmless opinion. If your team name is “Hitler did nothing wrong” that technically fits the criteria, but you will be outing yourself as a Nazi to a room full of people who probably think Nazis are bad. Also, our hosts will be more likely to take an unusually strict approach to marking your answers.. Also, you’re being a complete ass clown.)

Have an interesting week.