This Week in iQ Trivia – 10 March 2018

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


These two came in last place in the quiz, but knew enough (or guessed well enough) on Indian food to win other people’s money in the jackpot.


There were plenty of warnings you thought shouldn’t be necessary

Hot Lava. No Swimming.

Don’t iron while wearing shirt

Please do not drink toilet water

This beef is not vegan friendly

Don’t aim fireworks at people

Tuna may contain fish

Don’t eat packing peanuts

Lady boys may contain traces of dick

Drag Queens may contain nuts

Objects may be smaller than they appear online

Excessive consumption of water or alcohol may lead to drowning

Pavlova may contain eggs

Don’t eat your answer sheet

Employees must wash hands

Viagra: Not for use by children

Nurofen for Children: Keep out of reach of children

When a jar of peanuts says “may contain nuts”

Suppository not to be taken orally


Claustrophobic E

Equinine Frog

Squiggly Horse

Necrophiliac Carrots

Brown Marilyn Monroe

Underwhelming Shit

Confused Manchester


We overheard one player say “well I’ve got one question right, and I’m going to coast on that for the rest of the night.” EXACTLY the correct reaction two questions in.

A team of drunk English tourists came in last place, but not before earning themselves a bonus point for singing John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads.”

When asked for the new Deputy Prime Minister, one team responded with “definitely not Barnaby Joyce” which is technically correct.”

Instead of bone spurs in his heel, one team guessed that Donald Trump was medically ruled of of the draft for Vietnam because his hands were too cartoonishly small to hold a gun.

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith was identified as “that Skynet guy from Terminator Genisys.”

When asked for the author and book a literary quote came from, one team hedged their bets and said JK Rowling’s The Art of War.

A visiting tourist from West Virginia recognised a number of towns and cities as being from his home state, told one of the teams that was playing, who dutifully donated their free beer to him.

And one British team was struggling with some of the Australian content on one of our quizzes, so instead of naming the four most recent Australian Prime Ministers with an H in their surname, we allowed them to give us the last four British Prime Ministers with an H in their name (and then proceeded to look up the answer ourselves.)

See you next week.