This Week in iQ Trivia – 18 March 2017

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won this week, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.

The First Ginger to eat 50 Hot Dogs

3 wise monkeys trivia

Longest Plaited Pubic Hair

old canberra inn trivia

Most Consecutive Hours Spent Watching Bagpuss DVDs

occidental trivia

Ugliest Face in the World

oxford trivia

Biggest Human Mattress Dominos

orient trivia


On their very first time at iQ Trivia The First Ginger to eat 50 Hot Dogs followed up winning first prize with winning $82 cash by knowing a lot about the cast of Iron Man.

3 wise monkeys trivia

And these two turned up part way through the night, but still paid their jackpot entry fee and knew more about AFL Wooden Spoons than anyone else.

occidental trivia jackpot

And finally we had two team get the first two jackpot questions right, but neither knew enough about 30 Rock to get the final one, so the money carried over.


You’ve set yourself some interesting records to break.

Skulling a beer faster than Bob Hawke

We need to pee the most in one hour

Number of records broken by a record breaker who specialises in breaking records

50 number one singles in a row

Juggling apples while eating them

World record for the biggest tits

Guessing the most consecutive coin flips

Most enemas ever given

Longest nipple hair

Any of Justin Bieber’s

I WILL impregnate Margot Robbie

I could be the youngest man to walk on the moon.

Fattest man alive


Sexy Uber

sexy uber trivia

Procrastinating Beast

procrastinating beast trivia

Sparkly Crucifix

sparkly crucifix trivia

Delicious Chair

delicious chair trivia


The team that was going for maximum nerd cred by inquiring in great detail about the exact model of Imperial Star Destroyer and the Starship Enterprise involved in one question, even though none of it affected the crux of the question at all.


A team figuring out the ingredients of a kamikaze by ordering a kamikaze. (It’s not cheating if you’re just ordering a drink.)

The Englishman who insisted we refer to Diego Maradona as a cheater, and the Argentinian who insisted we refer to him as a genius having a beer together.


When asked for the densest planets in the Solar System, one team said Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune. None of them are correct, and Neptune didn’t become correct while they were writing down the answer.

The guy who asked “why don’t you ask normal questions instead of these… fandangos?” Hey man, we’re not Scaramouche. We don’t do the fandango, and were not changing our trivia for a little silhouetteo of a man.

See you next week for more iQ Trivia.