Here’s what some venues and players are saying about iQ Trivia.

Your trivia sucks.  It’s really hard to cheat.

– Guy who doesn’t understand the point of trivia

This is the best trivia I’ve been to aside from the one hosted by that hot girl I have a crush on.

– Guy who had frankly unrealistic expectations about our hosts

I’ve been to other trivias and when I didn’t know the answer right away I had no chance of figuring it out.  But at iQ Trivia when I don’t know the answer I ALWAYS have an opinion.

– SH

iQ Trivia provided me with everything I needed to run my work trivia night.  They prepared a great range of questions (including audio and visual) with just the right level of difficulty and was able to tailor questions around our theme.  They also had plenty of knowledge and tips to share regarding the scheduling of the night, what rules to set, and how best to host trivia.  They are trivia experts, and it was fantastic to have access to their knowledge and experience.

– Michael, Department of Education

We’ve been doing trivia with iQ Trivia for almost two years and its leagues better than other trivia nights. The questions are just the right level of difficulty and the host knows his stuff.

– IN

iQ trivia is easily the best trivia I’ve been to, and it’s because it’s so thought provoking. They design the questions to not only be a test of knowledge, but to cause team mates to argue and discuss, while managing to never use “gotchas” or “tricks”. Combined with a host with an exuberant personality and a die hard love of trivia, its always a good weeknight out!

– NF

One of best run trivia shows I’ve been to. Interesting questions, relaxed atmosphere and fantastic for fun drinks with friends. Highly recommend. This guy knows his stuff.

– EA

The best trivia I’ve been to! The questions are so diverse everyone was able to answer something. Even me! Also the drawing questions are my favourite.

– KD

Better than an episode of QI. The mix of questions is unlike any other. So good!

– JD

We had a corporate trivia night hosted by iQ Trivia.  It was an excellent experience.  The office enjoyed the games and the questions.  We had so much fun.

– KA

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6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I’ve always loved trivia, to the point of attending several a week and hosting my own for a few years. After moving to Australia (from Canada if inquiring minds care) I tried out many, many different venues, most of which didn’t pass muster. We stumbled upon IQ Trivia at the Orient, and it immediately became our weekly outing. I even hauled my lazy ass to the city from Manly every week just to partake, it’s that good.
    The questions are fun, challenging and Bill as a host was the perfect amount of professional with a dash of sarcastic ass, which is really what you want in a host. Excellent game and always a great night out.

  2. For the past year on most Tuesday nights, I’ve been going to Trivia At The Old Canberra Inn. I like it a lot – it’s a fun night for testing your poverty or wealth of useless knowledge, and Joe the host is a very friendly and pleasant chap. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the review. We certainly like the work that Joe does, and we like exposing poverty (or wealth) of knowledge.

  3. IQ Trivia recently ran a Trivia Night for our daughters 21st Birthday Party… We had a ball. Everything was totaly professional, from my initial enquiry right down to the questions which were based around the Birthday Girl, the date and her interests. Not that she got them all right tho!!
    Sam was a fantastic host, introducing herself as “just walking past saw the light on so I thought Id drop in…”. She not only did a great job with the questions and handling a large bunch in a small room but I think she actually had a good time herself!
    Thanks Bill and Sam for a fantastic and unforgettable way to celebrate a huge occasion…!
    Could not recommend IQ Trivis any higher…!

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