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Bondi Trivia Monday – 7pm – Bondi Public Bar

Bondi trivia is kicking off in a new venue at Bondi Public Bar on Campbell Parade.

bondi trivia

So for anyone in Bondi or anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs, your Monday trivia is sorted.

Get your team together every Monday at 7pm and prepare yourselves for Australia’s most interesting trivia.

We’ve got interesting trivia, we’ve got dinner sorted with a full menu of pub classics, we’ve got happy hour until 7 (so get in early), and we’ve got great prizes to give away.

In short, we have got everything you need to start your week off right.

Bondi Public isn’t your average pub, and iQ Trivia isn’t average trivia. So it’s bound to be a great night out if you are into beer and trivia. (And if you’re not, we have no idea why you are still reading.)

If you’re the kind of person who has memorised every Melbourne Cup winner, congratulations. But to be honest, that probably won’t help you. This isn’t an exam. Rather than just spitting out facts, you’ll probably have have to do some lateral thinking. We will ask questions that you won’t see coming. We will ask questions you probably won’t know off the top of your head, but will enjoy arguing about with your friends. The IQ in iQ Trivia stands for interesting questions, and that is what we provide.

As always, we’ve got a homework question to give you an advantage. If you want to be on the e-mail list, just send an e-mail to [email protected] with Bondi in the subject line to be added to our mailing list.

And the Facebook page dedicated to the show will have additional information to help you out.

Book yourselves in for the best Bondi trivia by calling 9132 5777 or booking in on their website.

bondi trivia

And we will see you at 7:00 every Monday at Bondi Public Bar.

Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 14 April 2024

Let’s say tomorrow you can wake up with a very minor superpower.

What tiny superpower do you want to have?

Self clipping fingernails

Just barely making it through every yellow light

The ability to transport a pebble into anyone’s shoe at any time

Psychic abilities, but only as far as predicting coin flips

You get 50 cents every time you sing Happy Birthday

Any minor superpowers will get you a bonus point.

Have an interesting week.

This Week in iQ Trivia – 13 April 2024

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


They keep winning jackpots. Lucky? Perhaps.

They didn’t win the quiz, but they did win cash.


Who would make an awful James Bond?

Jojo Siwa

Stephen Hawking

Danny Devito

Donald Trump

Chadwick Bozeman

Boris Johnson

Barnaby Joyce

Tony Abbott

Kid Rock

Melissa McCarthy

Christopher Walken

Ru Paul

Literally any woman (this team got pretty heavily booed)

Steve Buscemi

Nick Cage

Jason Alexander

Dua Lipa

Susan Boyle


Clive Palmer

Mr T

Prince Andrew


K-Mart Twink

Large Corgi

Dizzy Rat

Bermuda Squirrel

Litigious Flamingo

Yucky Cap

Rainbow Hairspray

Champagne Zoo

Brontesque Green


Most of the room spontaneously did the Chicken Dance when we asked a question about it.

We asked about locations of Big Bash League cricket teams and got guesses including Darwin, Broome, Cairns, and Cape Tribulation.

The biggest cities in the world in 1900? How about Pompeii? Yeah we think you may be off by a couple thousand years there.

And we’ve got four team with two wins in our current quarterly tournament.

Team Wins Score
Superstars of Yacht Rock 2 152
The Fellas 2 143
6 Go Crazy 2 135
Cormac’s Angels 1 79
Erko 1 77
Foxolotl 1 77
Prime Head 1 77
The Smith Family 1 77
Spongebob 1 75
Triv Laugh Love 1 75
Jojo Siwa 1 74
Tribe 1 74
Who deserved to win the first Australian Idol 1 74
Pebs & Pud 1 73
Regicide 1 73
Trivia La Vida Loca 1 73
Whale Emoji 1 73
Olivia Newton Trivia 1 72
Time travel is not good for women 1 72

See you next week.

Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 7 April 2024

So we know who the next James Bond is going to be.

But eventually they are going to need a new James Bond

For your team name this week, we want you to pick the worst person to play James Bond.

Adam Sandler

Steven Seagal

Gilbert Gottfried

Ellen Degeneres

Rowan Atkinson

Russell Brand

Michael Cera

Any options for a terrible James Bond actor will get a bonus point.

Have an interesting week.

This Week in iQ Trivia – 6 April 2024

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


Correctly gauging the size of South Australia netted them over $100.

And Tasmanian population growth had what we are pretty sure was lucky guesses. It still counts.


What do you want on the citizenship test?

Whether you kill a huntsman spider if it comes into your home.

Vegemite vs Marmite

Demonstrate the use of the C word in five different ways

Where do you wear a thong?

Who deserved to win the first Australian Idol?

The Nutbush

How many investment properties do you own?

Define an eshay?

How do you pronounce the 26th letter of the Australian alphabet?

What is Goon of Fortune?

Do you want to be an Australian Citizen?

How racist are you?

What is Engadine Maccas best known for?

How many Prime Ministers have we lost at sea?

Name a Kevin Bloody Wilson album

Should we change the date?

The whole 80,000 year history?

Is Australia a continent?

What is the charge for eating a succulent Chinese meal?

Is this democracy manifest?

Why was Jan sacked?

How many locations can you go barefoot?

Is it spelled “No” or “Naur”?

Parma or Parmi?

Dropping your phone instead of your beer.

Who did Rhonda hook up with in Bali?

Spell Wooloomooloo

Do a shoey

What is the proper Drop Bear emergency protocol?


Easter Slurpee

Sticky Whale

Bedazzled Dog

French David Hasslehoff

Boisterous Umbrella

The Little Tugboat that Couldn’t

Voluptuous Door

Tactical Chandelier

Eclipse Spots


We were asked if Tasmania counts as an overseas country. No. No it does not.

Attending trivia on the Easter Monday holiday, one player who normally rolls up in t-shirt & shorts wore a tuxedo just to be opposite.

An American host was asked how many syllables are in Canberra.

Countries that were neutral throughout World War II? How about Germany.

And we started a new quarterly tournament. Here are the current standings after one week.  We’ve got a 4 way tie.

Team Wins Score
Foxolotl 1 77
Erko 1 77
Superstars of Yacht Rock 1 77
Prime Head 1 77
Triv Laugh Love 1 75
Spongebob 1 75
Who deserved to win the first Australian Idol 1 74
Whale Emoji 1 73
Regicide 1 73
Olivia Newton Trivia 1 72
Shannon & Co 1 71.5
Al’s Team 1 68
Leader Housen 1 67
6 Go Crazy 1 66
The Fellas 1 66
Tuxedo 1 64

See you next week.