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Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 3 December 2023

You’ve either done it, you’re going to do it, or you’ve done it and haven’t realised how cringy it was.

For your team name this week, we want you to tell us the cringiest thing you’ve ever done to impress a crush.

Pretended I liked Twilight.

Attempted a skateboard trick and wound up with a concussion.

Learned to speak Chinese. She was Korean.

Got a friend to punch me hard enough to give me a bruise so I could say I won a fight.

Any cringeworthy things you’ve done will get you a bonus point.

Have an interesting week.

This Week in iQ Trivia – 2 December 2023

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


They probably didn’t know for certain exactly how long Neil Armstrong spent in space, but they guessed it, and that was good enough.


Bad trivia advice was everywhere.

Visit Canberra (from a team in Canberra)

Visit Adelaide (from a team from Adelaide)

Only children and the elderly swim between the flags

Hitchhiking to camp at Belanglo State Forest is the best way to get there

Don’t bother filling up before crossing the Nullarbor

By all means, feel free to feed the bears

Who needs travel insurance

Don’t miss Mount Druitt, the Paris of the west

Fly your drone in North Korea

Go to the Occidental and hang out with Team Bagpuss

Haggis tastes better rare

Go to the outback. A Dingo definitely won’t steal your baby

Bring your boogie board to Bali

“Você é péssimo no futebol” means “How do I get to the soccer stadium?” (Look it up in Portuguese.)

Buy everything the street vendors try to sell you

Wuhan has delicious bat soup

Bring your dildo to Dubai

Bali tap water tastes better if you don’t boil it

Arab Spring Break

Try attending iQ Trivia without booking


Hippo Petal Racecar

Sheep Shearing Festival

Silly Pickle

Sandy Lions

Pungent Chocolate

Bouncing Banana

Hybrid Insurance

Smelly Dog

Animals Playing Music

Edamame Cowboy

Noisy Burrito

Dimetrodon Bunnies


One non player who was passing through the room while we played a Placebo song, and was so pleased he couldn’t contain himself.

Trotsky was killed with a leg of lamb.

See you next week.

Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 26 November 2023

There are a lot of tourists around these days, and this week your team name is going to give them some advice.

But not good advice. It’s a lot more fun to give terrible tourist advice.

So use your team name to suggest the worst places to go.

Thai prison are good for long term accommodation

Bringing a case of whiskey to Mecca will make you really popular

Haggling with that Mumbai street vendor over 20 cents is a good use of your time.

That Rio taxi driver is definitely reliable

They won’t mind if you take a little piece of the Mona Lisa

Any terrible travel advice will get you a bonus point.

Have an interesting week.

This Week in iQ Trivia – 25 November 2023

Here’s what you may have missed this week at iQ Trivia.


If you won, here’s evidence just in case anyone doesn’t believe you.


They won money for knowing about cider.

And they won for knowing about Mars.


What crimes can NCIS Sydney investigate?

The case of the fairy bread with the missing sprinkles

Death by magpie

Millennial girl loses Birkenstocks on Bondi to Bronte walk

Poodle with a trust find

The case of the inappropriately filled wheelie bin

The really loud bang

Clive Palmer

Poo bags throwin in any old bin

Roofied shoeys

The five dollar flat white

The mystery of Sydney’s missing nightlife

Who is doing burnouts at 3am


Pink Stethoscope

Cricket Celebration

Hungry Pumpkin

Voluptuous Flashlight

Shrewd Shrew

Combined Football Fish

Bouncy Octopus

Wisdom Tooth

Platypus Anagram

Spicy Elephant

Yeehaw Grinder (this guy just happened to have these pics on his phone)

Broken Mermaid

Pentatonic Beach


One team who didn’t read the news story we put on Facebook guessed that the Tasmania woman who couldn’t make it to work on time was delayed by her inability to get her driving gloves on over her six fingers.

We were treated to one player who couldn’t remember the title of Budapest by George Ezra doing an impression of the vocals for several minutes.

What did Taylor Swift’s band wear in the video for We Are Never Getting Back Together? Strap-ons. No, that’s the video you wanted to see for some reason. Perverts.

On a name the year bonus question, we had a Brazilian clue and a Greek clue, and neither the Brazilian player or the Greek player in the audience got the answer.

See you next week.