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Canberra Trivia in Weston – The Meating Room – Starting 10 August

Canberra Trivia is getting better.

We’ve got a new Tuesday venue opening up.

weston trivia

iQ Trivia has got a new show every week starting on 10 August at 6:30 at The Meating Room at 45 Liardet Street in Weston.

canberra trivia

The Meating Room has a $15 burger special on trivia nights, and is the only place we’ve ever hosted that employs a “meat captain”.

We’re not entirely sure what that means, but we know they take their meat pretty seriously.

Luckily, we take trivia pretty seriously, and this promises to be a match made in trivia heaven.  It’s the best way for you to spend a Tuesday evening, unless you are a terrible bore who hates interesting trivia, and if that’s the case you really should stay home to contemplate your horribly misguided priorities.

If you are the kind of person who has memorised every Melbourne Cup winner, well, we think that’s a waste of effort, and at any rate, it’s probably not going to help you all that much.  You can’t get by just spitting out facts that are gathering dust in the corners of your brain.  You are going to have to do some thinking, and you’re probably going to get into some good natured arguments with your teammates.

We are going to ask you things you won’t know, but you’ll probably have an opinion on them.  As always, the IQ in iQ Trivia stands for interesting questions, and that is exactly what we’re going to provide.

As always, you can get an advantage by signing up to get our homework question.  Drop us a line at homework@iqtrivia.com.au with Meating Room in the subject line and we will send you the homework question every week so you can come in with some easy points.

Book in on 6288 6328 and we will see you for Canberra trivia on Tuesday at 6:30.

Canberra Trivia – New Venue – Dickson Taphouse – Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Good news! We’ve got a great new venue for Canberra trivia kicking off on Wednesdays.

canberra trivia

It’s at the Dickson Taphouse at 30 Woolley Street, Dickson, and it is kicking off every Wednesday at 6:30pm.

They take beer pretty seriously and we take trivia pretty seriously. Throw in great food, great prizes, a great host, and happy hour prices at the bar until 6pm (so make sure you get in early), and it is the perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening. (Provided, of course, that you are not an insufferable bore who hates trivia, in which case you should probably stay home and contemplate your misguided priorities.)

dickson trivia

If you’re the kind of person who has memorised every Melbourne Cup winner, congratulations. But to be honest, that probably won’t help you much. This isn’t an exam. It’s aimed at starting conversations. Rather than just spitting out facts, you’ll probably have have to do some lateral thinking. We will ask questions that you won’t see coming. We will ask questions you probably won’t know off the top of your head, but will enjoy arguing about with your friends. As always, the IQ in iQ Trivia stands for interesting questions, and that is what we will provide.

inner north trivia

As always, we’ve got a homework question to give you an advantage. If you want to be on the e-mail list, just send an e-mail to homework@iqtrivia.com.au with Dickson in the subject line and we will send you the homework e-mail before every show.

And the Facebook page dedicated to the show will have additional information to help you out.

Book yourselves in for the best trivia in Canberra by calling the Dickson Taphouse on 6230 7675.

Assemble your teams and we will see you at 6:30pm every Wednesday at 30 Woolley Street.

canberra trivia

Have an interesting week.

New Venue – The Pedlar in Campbell – Mondays at 7pm

The Pedlar is the only bar in Campbell.

They’ve got great food, great drinks, great atmosphere, and now they’ve got Canberra’s most interesting trivia.

iQ Trivia is kicking off at The Pedlar Mondays at 7pm starting on 16 November.

They’ve got a full menu to get you fed.

And we’ve got a homework question to help you win. Contact us on homework@iqtrivia.com.au with Pedlar in the subject line to be added to our mailing list.

Book yourselves in by calling 5100 5929 or on their website.

And we’ve got everything else you need to know on our Facebook page.

See you at The Pedlar Monday at 7pm.

New Venue – Siren Bar in Gungahlin – Mondays at 7pm

Siren Bar isn’t you’re average bar.

We don’t do average trivia.

Now Gungahlin has Canberra’s best trivia complimented by Canberra’s best food & drink.

Every Monday at 7pm you can find iQ Trivia at Siren Bar.

Siren is putting on a schnitzel and beer special for $25.

To help you win at trivia, make sure you’re getting our homework question by contacting us at homework@iqtrivia.com.au with “Siren” in the subject line.

Book yourself a table at 6162 0377, and you can find out more about the show on our Facebook group.

See you at Siren Monday at 7pm.

New Canberra Venue – To All My Friends – Wednesdays at 7:30

Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week. You’re more than halfway to the weekend.

And now it’s got Australia’s most interesting trivia.

We’ve got a new how starting on 31 July at To All My Friends in Cook.

It kicks off at 7:30 with plenty of questions to get you arguing with your friends.

Naturally, To All My Friends has got a great selection of drinks, including eight beer taps.

And a great menu.

And the best bar staff in Canberra.

If you want the homework question, e-mail us at homework@iqtrivia.com.au and you can find out more about the show at our Facebook group.

See you Wednesdays at 7:30.

Barnardo’s Charity Show – 13 October 2016 – Old Canberra Inn

All you iQ Trivia regulars in Canberra have got something to do next Thursday, as one of our venues, The Old Canberra Inn, will be staging a trivia fundraiser for Barnardo’s on 13 October starting at 7:00.


The event will raise money for the Deadly All Stars – a group that aims to educate and foster Aboriginal culture for children and young people who cannot be raised in culturally appropriate homes due to child protection concerns.   They aim to further educate the carers of these children so their cultural identity can be integrated into their everyday life.

Both iQ Trivia and our regular host Joe will be donating our time and talent to the event, and anyone with an interest in the cause should get down to support it.

Tickets are $30 a head with a maximum of 8 people per team, and there are some great prizes on offer, including:

  • $500 cash donated by the Old Canberra Inn.
  • A keg of Capital Brewing’s Pale Ale delivered to your door along with all the equipment you need to enjoy that sweet, sweet beer.

There will also be an auction on the night so bring your wallet along if you want to take home additional prizes.

Contact the Old Canberra Inn directly for tickets on 6134 6000.

New Venue – Old Canberra Inn – Starting 13 October

If you like beer and trivia, you will want to read this.

iQ Trivia will be starting at a new venue on 13 October.

The Old Canberra Inn is pairing up a rustic atmosphere, craft beer, and Australia’s most interesting trivia on Tuesday nights.

old canberra inn trivia beer

You can expect there will be a special beer question (there may even be samples associated with it) on every quiz.

old canberra inn trivia 1

Hosted by Joe from iQ Trivia, you are guaranteed to have a good time, unless you are a joyless prig who hates trivia and beer, in which case we don’t want you there in the first place.

old canberra inn trivia 2

old canberra inn trivia 3

old canberra inn trivia 4

Send an e-mail to homework@iqtrivia.com.au for the weekly homework question.

See you on the 13th.