Team Name Bonus Point – Week of 4 February 2018

A little while back, one of our hosts overheard the following en route to a show.

Oh yeah? Well if I’m so racist, why do I like Asian chicks?”

Well guess what random twit, you’ve inspired a whole week of team names at iQ Trivia.

This week we want your team name to be the dumbest thing you’ve overheard in conversation.

I’ve never left Australia. I just took that trip to Bali last year.”

The doctor said I need to get more iron, but I don’t want to eat metal.”

If they keep building high rises, won’t the city tip over?”

I heard about dinosaurs living millions of years ago, but there’s only been 2018 years.”

What country is the Great Wall of China in?”

Where do I put the answer for question 6?” (We’ve ACTUALLY heard this one.)

Anything that is stupid (and preferably unaware of just HOW stupid it is) will get a bonus point.

Have an interesting week.